HF Analyser HFW59D

The only fully compensated HF-Analyser up to 10 GHz

    Complements the basic building biology equipment for the upper frequency range up to 10 GHz: Especially for the analysis of the two WLAN/WiFi bands, the last auctioned 5G band and of course radar between 8.5 and 9.5 GHz. This device, too, has its origins in building biology practice and since its market launch a few years ago has found rapid worldwide distribution in building biology professional associations.

    Frequency range: 2.4 - 10.0 GHz


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FULL 10 GHz, fully compensated. This unique broadband HF meter allows unfalsified measurements of... more
Product information "HF Analyser HFW59D"

Reliable addition to the HF59B for the upper frequency range:

  • FULL 10 GHz, fully compensated. This unique broadband HF meter allows unfalsified measurements of the frequently used radar frequencies between 8.5 and 9.5 GHz (air traffic control, navigation radar, military radar, weather radar, traffic control). Maximum VBW to display shortest radar pulses (< 0.5 µs).
  • Integrated steep high pass filter at 2.4 GHz reliably suppresses the often dominant GSM and DECT frequencies, thus allowing unfalsified measurements of WLAN/WiFi and the upper area relevant 5G frequency range at 3.4 to 3.8 GHz.
  • Includes an especially designed log-per antenna with excellent directional characteristics.
  • Optimized Peak Hold function with particularly fast response speed due to patented circuitry.
  • 1 µW/m² display resolution (for higher sensitivity, e.g. for minimal wireless LAN signals, use the optional preamplifier HV20_2400G10).
  • Calibrated AC measurement output for the demodulated signal, scalable DC output, for instance for the connection to an NFA for long-term recordings.
  • Quantitative differentiation of pulsed <> unpulsed radiation according to the building biology recommendations.
  • The meter is particularly designed for the measurement of peak values of modulated signals ("pulse"-mode).
  • NiMH battery pack, charge control and power supply unit help avoid unnecessary battery wear.
  • Delivered in a plastic case K2 with convoluted foam filler for a safe transportation of all components.

All common advantages of the Gigahertz broadband measurement technology are also reliably fulfilled in the upper frequency range

  • It is fully frequency compensated, i.e. no frequency range is overrated, underrated or even ignored.
  • In addition, our measurement technology always shows the SUM of ALL existing radiation at the place of measurement, not only the strongest signal, as is the case with the cheap - allegedly - very broadband detectors that have been launched on the market in recent years.
  • The two features mentioned above are extremely important for a meaningful measurement and technically very difficult to implement. This is also the reason for the unique position of our instruments in their respective price class.
  • All of this happens continuously in real time - thus a meaningful measurement is possible considerably faster than with a spectrum analyzer, yet another advantage with regard to far more expensive and complicated measurement technology.
  • The measured values are displayed reliably and directly in the unit of the building biology precautionary values - without any calculations being necessary.
  • The HF-Analysers are equipped with a fully-fledged log.-per. antenna. This clearly sets them apart technologically from compact pocket devices without an external antenna. The log.-per antennas of the devices allow users to detect and measure even hidden sources of high frequency electromagnetic radiation (HF). The measurement can take place both indoors and outdoors (protect the meter from moisture!).
  • Detailed measuring instructions with limiting values allow a reliable evaluation of the personal exposure - even without technical expertise.
  • Last but not least: Many patents have been granted to us, the devices have ten thousandfold proven their reliability, and have shown to be leading-edge in their price categories.

Available downloads:
HFW59D plus
HF Analyser Kit HFW59D plus
Fully compensated up to 10 GHz, incl. preamplifier and omnidirectional antenna

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price outside EU: €1,502.10

HFEW59BD plus
Ultra Broadband HF Analyser Kit HFEW59BD plus
27 MHz - 10 GHz: fully equipped for a broad HF analysis

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price outside EU: €3,370.25