HF Analyser Kit HF38B-W

Professional features - easy to operate > extended up to 6 GHz | "5G ready"

    This set supplements the HF38B with the HFW35C, which is especially popular with doctors and alternative practitioners, to cover the lower 5G bands and the 5G band at 3.4 - 3.8 GHz, as well as the upper WLAN band. Due to its extremely high sensitivity it is also ideal for EHS patients (electrohypersensitives). This allows targeted remediation measures to be defined, and their effectiveness to be monitored.

    Frequency range: 700 MHz - 6 GHz


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Includes all 5G frequencies ("Sub-6-GHz" bands). Furthermore all other mobile services (GSM,... more
Product information "HF Analyser Kit HF38B-W"

Set of HF38B and HFW35C: Highest sensitivity and broad frequency response

  • Includes all 5G frequencies ("Sub-6-GHz" bands). Furthermore all other mobile services (GSM, UMTS, LTE, 2G, 3G, 4G) as well as DECT, both WLAN/WiFi bands, WiMAX and several radar frequencies.
  • Below are the highlights of the individual devices of this kit ...
  • HF38B: Optimized LogPer antenna with higher accuracy, especially at the critical lower and upper end of the frequency range (700 MHz to 2.7 GHz).
  • HF38B: Display resolution 0.01 µW/m² (like the HF59B). An important factor especially for EHS patients (electrohypersensitives).
  • HF38B: Factor 10 extended measuring range upwards: max. 19.99 mW/m² (corresponding to 19,990 µW/m²).
  • HF38B: The "Peak Hold" function facilitates a comparison with the building biology reference values, which refer to the maximum in the room (detailed measuring instructions in the operating manual).
  • HFW35C: frequency range from 2.4 to 6 GHz with patented LogPer antenna with very good directional characteristics
  • HFW35C: For a meaningful audio analysis of the upper frequency range, this device actively suppresses the lower frequency range.
  • HFW35C: Also includes the professional function of the quantitative differentiation of pulsed <> unpulsed radiation according to the building biology recommendations.
  • Both devices are safely packed in a compact plastic case K2 with a solid foam insert.

Of course, the HF38B and HFW35C also offer the special advantages of the entire series:

  • Both devices are fully frequency compensated, i.e. a frequency range is not overrated, underrated or even ignored.
  • In addition, our measurement technology always displays the SUM of ALL interfering radio services present at the place of measurement, not just the strongest frequency, as is common in the cheap - allegedly - very broadband detectors that have been launched on the market in recent years.
  • The two features mentioned above are extremely important for a meaningful measurement and technically very difficult to implement. This is one of the reasons why our instruments are so unique in their respective price ranges.
  • The LogPer antennas of the devices allow users to detect and measure even hidden sources of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation (HF). The measurement can take place both indoors and outdoors (protect from moisture!).
  • The measured values are displayed reliably and directly in the unit of the building biology precautionary values - without any calculations being necessary.
  • With the help of the audio analysis it is possible to distinguish most radiation sources even without any experience in electronics, such as mobile phones, WiFi, DECT, radar, etc. Simply by listening and comparing with the offered sound samples.
  • Peak and average value measurement possible (switchable).
  • Detailed measuring instructions with limiting values allow a reliable evaluation of the personal exposure - even without technical expertise.
  • Many patents have been granted to us, the devices have ten thousandfold proven their reliability, and have shown to be leading-edge in their price categories.

Available downloads:
HF Analyser HF38B
Professional functions easy to operate

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price outside EU: €419.75

HF Analyser HFW35C
extends the range of analysis up to 6 GHz

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price outside EU: €399.58

Plastic Transport Case K2
fits one HF and one LF device of any type

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price outside EU: €36.30

HFEW59BD plus
Ultra Broadband HF Analyser Kit HFEW59BD plus
27 MHz - 10 GHz: fully equipped for a broad HF analysis

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price outside EU: €3,370.25

Electrosmog measuring kit MK30-W
Professional features - easy to operate > upgrade to 6 GHz | "5G ready"

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price outside EU: €1,131.93