Electrosmog measuring kit MK20

Our best-selling measuring case

    The best-selling combination from our range of meters for private users: HF35C and ME3830B. Dirty power" is also recorded and high frequency sources can be distinguished by audio analysis. Thus, both devices allow a meaningful assessment of the personal stress situation with HF and NF electrosmog according to the specifications of the "Standard of Building Biology Measurement Technology" (SBM).


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The 10fold higher sensitivity of the HF35C together with the LogPer directional antenna is very... more
Product information "Electrosmog measuring kit MK20"

Proven thousands of times worldwide: HF35C and ME3830B. Advantages compared to the "smaller" MK10:

  • The 10fold higher sensitivity of the HF35C together with the LogPer directional antenna is very useful for small or hidden sources - especially important for electrosensitive people (EHS).
  • With the help of the audio analysis of the HF35C, even technical laypersons without electronic expertise can distinguish between most radiation sources such as mobile radio, WLAN/WiFi, DECT, radar, etc. Simply by listening and comparing with the sound samples on our homepage.
  • The ME3830B offers the full frequency response from 16 Hz to 100 kHz required by the standard of building biology measurement technology - at a fraction of the price of the cheapest comparable competitive solution.
  • Sensitivity (smallest display resolution): HF35C: 0.1 µW/m², ME3030B: 1 V/m / 1 nT (electric / magnetic field).
  • This way it is even possible to detect ARTIFICIAL harmonics ("dirty power"), for instance caused by LED and fluorescent lamps, by switching power supplies of the almost omnipresent electronic devices in households and offices, and also by dimmers and consumer electronics.
  • For detailed specifications and technical data of the individual devices, please refer directly to the corresponding product pages.

In addition, the devices naturally fulfill all the advantages of both series:

  • We are particularly proud of the fact that both devices are fully frequency-compensated and linear, i.e. all polluters are included in the measured value display exactly according to their share of the total load. Extremely important for a meaningful measurement, difficult to realize and therefore hardly to be found in this price class.
  • The measured values are displayed reliably and directly in the units of the precautionary building biology values, without any calculations being necessary.
  • Detailed step-by-step measuring instructions are included with all our devices. Of course, this also contains the recommendations for building biology guideline values - so even people without technical knowledge can reliably assess the stress situation.
  • The devices are safely stored in the supplied plastic case with protective foam insert.
  • Not to forget: In addition, all our electrosmog measuring devices are patented many times over, have been tried and tested thousands of times worldwide and are trend-setting in their price class in terms of measuring technology.

Available downloads:
HF Analyser HF35C
for an easy HF evaluation, more sensitive and incl. audio analysis

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price outside EU: €293.70

Plastic Transport Case K5
fits one or two devices (with small antenna)

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price outside EU: €21.60

LF Analyser ME3830B
unlocks the 100 kHz as specified by SBM

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price outside EU: €209.66

Electrosmog measuring kit MK30
The link between "lay" and professional equipment.

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price outside EU: €732.35