Frequency Separation AC/DC Input FA1

for an in-depth analyisis of Dirty Power


    This option was developed at the suggestion of Dr Martin Virnich. The application of the new analysis method by means of a current clamp was presented for the first time at the Iphöfer Measurement Technology Seminars 2018 of Dr. Moldan Umweltanalytik.This option can alternatively be used in combination with the TCO probe TCO3 as well as with the hand electrode Ak2.


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Enables long-term recordings of the output signal of an adequate current clamp (for instance CA... more
Product information "Frequency Separation AC/DC Input FA1"

Firmware Activation NFA.

  • Enables long-term recordings of the output signal of an adequate current clamp (for instance CA Miniflex MA200), the TCO probe TCO3 as well as the hand electrode AK2 in the significant frequency categories of the NFA meters.
  • The recorded data can be visualized and analysed using all features of NFAsoft.
  • The collected data, especially the one gained with the current clamp, is very helpful for a precise evaluation of remedial measures to be taken in the case of dirty power pollution.
  • There are two ways of activating this feature: by factory servicing or by remote servicing.
  • If we are to activate the feature in our factory, this service is subject to a fee-based qualitative functional test of the meter prior to the activation, in order to guarantee its functionality. The fees depend on type and age of the NFA and can be found online under "Service".
  • If the feature is to be activated by remote servicing, the procedure is as follows: Firmware Rev. 84 or higher is required. Log for some sconds and send us the logfile per e-mail (please zip, if too large). This allows us to see the revision status of your meter and send you the respective activation file.

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