LF Analyser ME3830B

unlocks the 100 kHz as specified by SBM

    Includes so-called "Dirty Power", without complicated settings - ideal for technical amateurs. For uncomplicated evaluation of the electro-stress situation. For the purposeful determination and verification of mitigation.

    Frequency range: 16 Hz - 100 KHz (compensated, better than -2 dB).


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Comprises the full frequency response required by the standard of building biology: 16 Hz to 100... more
Product information "LF Analyser ME3830B"

Comprises all features of the ME3030B, and additionally offers:

  • Comprises the full frequency response required by the standard of building biology: 16 Hz to 100 kHz. And it is - unique in this price range - fully compensated up to 100 kHz for bias-free results.
  • This means that the ARTIFICIAL harmonics ("Dirty Power") are also registered, eg. from LED and fluorescent lamps, from switching power supplies and from the electronic devices, even those of dimmers or consumer electronics, all of which are almost omnipresent in today’s households and in the offices.

Needless to say that the device fulfills all the other advantages of the series:

  • The reading shows the total pollution directly in the entity corresponding to the building biology standard values - without any calculation required.
  • It measures magnetic AND electric fields based on scientifically accepted measuring methods and with high sensitivity (display resolution: 1 nT or 1 V / m).
  • The "Geiger counter effect" helps to identify areas of increased LF stress.
  • The included detailed measurement instruction enables the user to perform relevant measurements of EMF – even without technical expertise. With the help of this instrument you can spot - even obscured - sources of LF pollution.
  • Also the manual includes the recommendations for limiting values according to the standard of building biology SBM, which allow for a meaningful assessment of the personal level of EMF pollution.
  • Many patents have been granted to us, the devices have tenthousandfold proven their reliability, and have shown to be leading-edge in their price categories.

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