Our Upgrade Commitment

We want clear terms! Upon purchase of a more expensive measurement device of the same product category*, you may return your old device and will only be charged the corresponding price difference plus an allowance for utilization and depreciation calculated according to the age of the returned device. This upgrade-promise applies for all low and high frequency analysers up to two years of age.

The allowances charged in addition to the price difference are graded as follows: If the returned device is

  • 40.00 Euro for an upgrade within half a year.
  • 80.00 Euro for an upgrade within one year.
  • 120.00 Euro for an upgrade within one and a half a year.
  • 160.00 Euro for an upgrade within two years.

Making a point of the small-print:

  • The new device must comprise at least the frequency range of the device to be returned und it must have been bought directly from us.
  • Accessories (filters, probes, etc.) are not upgradeable.

Please do not hesitate to contact us!