Our Upgrade Commitment

We want clear terms! When purchasing a higher quality meter of the same product category, you may return your old device in order to receive a credit of up to 90% of its original purchase price, with a minimum of 50%, even for very old devices! The credit note amounts to ...

... 90% – for an upgrade within the first year
... 80% – for an upgrade within the second year
... 70% – for an upgrade within the third year
... 60% – for an upgrade within the fourth year
... 50% – for an upgrade within the fifth year or later.

For  d e f e c t i v e  devices please ask us ... surely we will find an advantageous solution for you, even in this case.

Please do not hesitate to contact us!


Clear terms - even for the small print:

  • The deduction from the original purchasing price amounts to at least 50 Euro for the entrance test.
  • The device sent in should be in an age-appropriate condition.
  • The new device must comprise at least the frequency range of the returned device
  • Accessories (filters, amplifiers, ...) are not upgradeable.