Audio analysis of RF signals

The audio analysis of RF signals tool is included in the scope of all our RF analyzers (except HF32D). With the help of this one can distinguish the common radiation sources, mobile communication, wireless LAN, DECT, etc., even as a technical layman without electronic knowledge. Simply by listening to and comparing with the following sound samples!

In addition to the below sound samples you have got the possibility of acquiring a far more detailed and interactive DVD for an audio analysis of radio signals on the basis of their signal characteristics and patterns typical for the respective radio services. This DVD is made by Dr. Ing. Martin Virnich. All text in German language. 

  • Bluetooth pairing
  • Bluetooth max speed
  • DECT
  • GSM
  • GSM D2
  • GSM Puls
  • LTE Uplink
  • LTE Downlink
  • Markierung ungepulstes Signal
  • Mobilfunk Sendeturm
  • Notebook
  • Radar
  • Radar mit Überflug
  • UMTS
  • WLAN