Washing Detergent for Shielding Fabrics YS-TEXCARE

Permanent protection of the shielding effectiveness


    TEXCARE is a washing detergent especially designed for a gentle cleaning and care of those shielding fabrics where the shielding effectiveness is based on silver and steel threads or filaments. The special formulation of this detergent not only protects the shielding fabrics but also preserves their shielding effectiveness during the washing process, protects the environment and is an allergy friendly product. TEXCARE was developed by YSHIELD in cooperation with a renowned manufacturer of eco detergents after extensive washing tests with various shielding fabrics and numerous standard detergents (also with the so-called "washing nuts").


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Without fragrances, colouring agents, complexing agents, preservatives, enzymes, genetic... more
Product information "Washing Detergent for Shielding Fabrics YS-TEXCARE"

  • Without fragrances, colouring agents, complexing agents, preservatives, enzymes, genetic technology or petrochemicals. All ingredients are 100% biodegradable.
  • 1 liter yield for approx. 20 washing loads independent of the water hardness. 50 ml TEXCARE per washing load to be filled either into the detergent drawer or straight into the drum. Select 30°C gentle cycle. Please also take note of the information on the label of the resp. fabric with regard to drying and ironing the material.
  • Ingredients: Soap from rapeseed oil 5-15 %, sugar surfactant 5-15 %, coconut oil alcohol sulphate 5-15 %, vegetable alcohol (ethanol) 1-5 %, sulphated castor oil < 1 %, citrate < 1 %, water up to 100 %.
  • Ingredients INCI: Aqua, Potassium Soap, Alkylpoly-glucoside C8–16, Sodium C 8–14 Fatty Alcohol Sulfate, Alcohol, Sulfated Castor Oil, Potassium Citrate.