Metallized Fleece | HF+NF | YS-HNV100-90

Large-surface shielding!

    HNV100 is a thermally bonded fine metallized polyester fleece for large-area shielding of high-frequency electromagnetic fields (HF) and low-frequency alternating electric fields (LF). Our highly shielding professional product for walls, ceilings and floors. Commercial product for data centres, laboratories, TEMPEST rooms, ... now also for private use.When used underneath wallpaper, we recommend our dispersion glue DKL90. The wall surface and the back of the material need to be pre-coated with DKL90 using a paint roller. Lay the material wet-on-wet, fix it by hand (with disposable gloves) and press it on with a rubberized pressure roller without wrinkles. Work quickly and only web by web to avoid DKL90 from drying. Wrinkle-free bonding is only possible on absolutely flat surfaces! The material can also be laid loosely, e.g. under floor coverings or tacked up, e.g. in dry construction. Always work with an overlap so that the individual stripes are also electrically connected.

    Attenuation: 100 dB (99,9999999900%) at 1 GHz


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Thermally bonded fine metallized polyester fleece. Price per linear meter. Minimum order 1... more
Product information "Metallized Fleece | HF+NF | YS-HNV100-90"

  • Thermally bonded fine metallized polyester fleece. Price per linear meter. Minimum order 1 linear meter, in steps of 0.1 linear meters. Width: 90 cm. The fabric is cut according to customer specifications, and is therefore excluded from return or revocation. Material thickness: 0.16 mm Weight: 70 g/m² Colour: Grey / Brown Typical application:Used in the interior for walls, floors, ceilings, as intermediate layers for wallpaper, in drywall constructions, for loose laying, for the shielding of equipment, etc. Material: Polyester, copper, nickel. Grounding: For professional grounding we recommend the grounding plate YS-GW in combination with a grounding plug YS-GP and a cable YS-GC for loose laying application, or the grounding strap YS-EB1 in combination with the grounding plate YS-GW, a grounding plug YS-GP plus grounding cable YS-GC for glued application. For further information please see "Manual". A v o i d b e n d i n g