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CountryPayment possibilitiesShipment
Germany Invoice, Prepayment, Direct Debit, Credit Card, PayPal, UPS
Europe Prepayment, Credit Card, PayPal UPS
World Prepayment, Credit Card, PayPal UPS / DHL

Gigahertz Solutions GmbH offers worldwide delivery. In addition, we work together with local sales partners for all our products all over the world.

Payment options

Gigahertz Solutions offers the following options of payment worldwide

The following option is only possible for a delivery within Germany

  • Invoice (payable net after receiving the goods - for new customers only up to an invoice value of max. 1500 EUR)

Credit card payment

We accept MasterCard and Visa. Please note: Credit card payment is processed directly via the safe server of the PayPal Plus Service. Gigahertz Solutions GmbH will at no time have insight into your credit card information.

        • Security – Full protection with Gigahertz Solutions!
          In order to avoid unauthorized access of third parties to your information, the transmission of your credit card data is always cryptographically secured, a safe exchange of data is guaranteed.
        • When will my credit card account be charged?
          We have no direct influence on the exact point of debit. The payment process is activated immediately upon placing the order. Depending on the type of credit card, the bank, and the country of order placement, the debit process may take several weeks, but may just as well be effected that very day. However, Heidelpay will immediately provide us with the authorization of your credit card information, thus allowing us to dispatch the ordered devices without any delay.


This form of payment allows for a discount of 5% on the invoice total. Your order will be sent off to you immediately upon receipt of the complete amount due on the following account:

Account Holder: Gigahertz Solutions GmbH
Sparkasse Fuerth
IBAN: DE56762500000249044207


If you chose "invoice" we would appreciate your payment of the total amount due, devoid of any deductions, immediately upon your receipt of the consignment. This way we will be able to keep offering this payment option in the long run!

Please make payment to the PayPal account. You will be sent an email by PayPal with the account details and any further necessary information.

This mode of payment is only possible within Germany, cannot be claimed, and we reserve our right to grant this possibility only to well-known customers. For new customers, this mode of payment is only possible up to an invoice value of max. EUR 1500 and upon a positive credit check).

Direct Debit

If you wish to have your account debited* with the total invoice amount using the direct debiting system, please choose the payment option "Direct Debit". PayPal will charge your account with the amount due shortly after dispatch.
Please take care of sufficient cover of your account, as potential return debit notes must in return be charged to your account.

Please note:
Payment by direct debit can only be effected from an account at banks based in Europe. This mode of payment cannot be claimed.


An uncomplicated method of payment and a worldwide option: PayPal. This is a virtual account the identity of which is defined by the eMail address of the PayPal member. There is no need for an specified account. Payments effected via PayPal will be credited to the recipient with immediate effect, thus allowing an immediate delivery if the desired product is on stock. Simply select PayPal as your payment option when placing your order, and you will be automatically led through the payment procedure.

Dispatch within Europe with VAT-ID number

Please enter your VAT-ID no. when you place your order, allowing us to issue your invoice without German VAT.

Furthermore, we have a worldwide net of local sales partners who you may also contact if you wish to acquire our products.

If you have any questions feel free to contact our overseas service.

Our multilingual sales team will be at your disposal
Monday to Thursday 8.00 am – 5.00 pm CET, Friday 8.00 am - 1.00 pm CET

Phone: +49 (0)9101/ 90 93 - 0
Fax: +49 (0)9101 / 90 93 - 23